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    132401 - Senior Golf

    Senior men and women ages 55+ can enjoy 9 holes of golf on Monday mornings between 8:00-10:00 am at Hickory Hollow Golf Club. Each week players must call the golf shop and make a tee time by Friday at 5:00 pm in order to play on the following Monday. Players must reference Macomb Township Parks and Recreation in order to receive the discounted senior rate. 24 notice is required in order to cancel a tee time. Seniors can register any time during the season to join the group.

    Must register with Macomb Township Parks and Recreation to receive discount.

    Green Fee: Pay directly to Hickory Hollow each week. $13.00 for 9 holes walking. $18.00 for 9 holes with a cart.

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    Add to CartSenior Golf132401-AM04/23/18 - 09/24/18 8:00A - 10:00AHickory Hollow Golf$5/$10Item Details

    211101 - Summer Karate

    This class is for returning students only.

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    Add to CartAdvanced Karate211101-ASa06/23/18 - 08/04/1810:00A - 11:00ARecreation Center$70/$80Item Details
    Add to CartTeen-Adult Karate211101-BSa06/23/18 - 08/04/1811:00A - 12:00PRecreation Center$70/$80Item Details

    211106 - Tumble Stars

    Come and tumble with us and join our fun-filled program that uses gymnastics-based skills to build confidence, balance and strength. We use a collection of mats, games, music and fun activities for a great gym experience! Children should wear comfortable gym clothes and bare feet.

    Rising Stars Tumble (Ages 18 months-3 years) - Rising Stars is a caretaker and child participation class with tumbling, music and movement. Activities include tumbling, balance beam, bean bags, parachutes and more!

    Shooting Stars Tumble (Ages 3-5 years) - Shooting Stars is a tumbling-based class that includes a warm-up, basic tumbling skills and an obstacle course.

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    Add to CartRising Stars211106-AW07/11/18 - 08/15/1810:00A - 10:30ARecreation Center$60/$70Item Details
    Read NoticeShooting Stars211106-BW07/11/18 - 08/15/1810:30A - 11:00ARecreation Center$60/$70Item Details

    211111 - Summer Tennis Camps

    With over 17 years of tennis coaching and teaching experience, Peggy Jones and staff will help create an exciting tennis environment for all. Our tennis camps provide a great opportunity for you to introduce your child to tennis for the first time, or to help them improve their existing skills with fun games, drills and play. Be sure to join in on all the fun and excitement with our tennis camps this summer! Friday will be scheduled for rain make-up days if necessary.

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    Add to CartPee Wee Tennis211111-AM-Th06/25/18 - 06/28/18 9:00A - 10:00ADakota High School$52/$62Item Details
    Add to CartBeginner Tennis211111-BM-Th06/25/18 - 06/28/1810:00A - 11:00ADakota High School$52/$62Item Details
    Add to CartPee Wee Tennis211111-DM-Th07/16/18 - 07/19/18 9:00A - 10:00ADakota High School$52/$62Item Details
    Add to CartBeginner Tennis211111-EM-Th07/16/18 - 07/19/1810:00A - 11:00ADakota High School$52/$62Item Details
    Add to CartAdvanced Tennis211111-FM-Th07/16/18 - 07/19/1811:00A - 12:30PDakota High School$70/$80Item Details

    211113 - KickStart! Toddler Soccer

    KickStart! is a developmental program for toddlers ages 18 months to 5 years old designed around the sport of soccer. Instructors will use age specific curricula to refine large motor skills at our youngest ages, graduating to full games for our older players. A great pre-cursor to any organized sport/activity.

    Pee-Wees (18-24 months): Toddlers and their parents work together playing a variety of organized games. A non-competitive environment has toddlers working at their own pace to meet the objective of each activity. Listening skills, balance and large motor skills are developed. Parental involvement is REQUIRED.

    Rookies (2 year olds): This Parent/Toddler class begins to introduce basic fundamentals, balance and motor skills required to manipulate a soccer ball using their feet. Parent involvement is REQUIRED.

    Pros (3 year olds): A faster paced class where the introduction of soccer skills becomes more prominent. Dribbling, scoring, and some team-play will be included with other soccer related activities.

    All-Stars (4-5 year olds): Children will learn to work as a group as we introduce small-sided games (2v2, 3v3).

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    Add to CartKickstart Pee-Wees211113-CTu07/10/18 - 08/14/18 9:15A - 10:00APremier Sports Ctr$75/$85Item Details
    Add to CartKickstart Pee-Wees211113-DSa07/14/18 - 08/18/18 9:15A - 10:00APremier Sports Ctr$75/$85Item Details
    Add to CartKickstart Rookies211113-GTu07/10/18 - 08/14/1810:15A - 11:00APremier Sports Ctr$75/$85Item Details
    Add to CartKickstart Rookies211113-HSa07/14/18 - 08/18/1810:15A - 11:00APremier Sports Ctr$75/$85Item Details
    Add to CartKickstart Pros211113-KTu07/10/18 - 08/14/1811:00A - 12:00PPremier Sports Ctr$85/$95Item Details
    Add to CartKickstart Pros211113-LSa07/14/18 - 08/18/1811:00A - 12:00PPremier Sports Ctr$85/$95Item Details
    Add to CartKickstart All-Stars211113-OTu07/10/18 - 08/14/1812:00P - 1:00PPremier Sports Ctr$85/$95Item Details
    Add to CartKickstart All-Stars211113-PSa07/14/18 - 08/18/1812:00P - 1:00PPremier Sports Ctr$85/$95Item Details

    211115 - Lifeguard Training

    Shallow Water Lifeguard Training - Participant MUST be 15 years or older by the LAST DAY OF CLASS. This American Red Cross course will teach participants the knowledge and skills needed to prevent and respond to aquatic emergencies in Shallow Water Pool Facilities. Participants who successfully complete this course will receive certifications in Shallow Water Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR and AED. Participant MUST be in attendance for the entire session. Possible employment opportunity upon successful completion of course. Participants MUST wear 1-piece swim suit or swim trunks.

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    Read NoticeLifeguard Training211115-AVaries06/15/18 - 06/24/18VariesVaries$100/$110Item Details
    Add to CartLifeguard Training211115-BVaries08/10/18 - 08/19/18VariesVaries$100/$110Item Details

    211211 - Twinkle Babies Dance

    Twinkle Babies is an introductory dance class containing ballet, tap and creative movement. This class does not include parent participation so dancers should be able to be in class on their own. Dress code-leotard and tights. Pink leather ballet shoes. (Please no satin slippers).

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    Read NoticeTwinkle Babies Dance211211-ATu07/10/18 - 08/14/1810:00A - 10:30ARecreation Center$47/$57Item Details
    Add to CartTwinkle Babies Dance211211-BTh07/12/18 - 08/16/18 5:45P - 6:15PRecreation Center$47/$57Item Details

    211212 - Twinkle Stars Dance

    Twinkle Stars is an age-specific 45-minute class containing ballet, tap and jazz/creative movement. The purpose of the class is to introduce young dancers to the three styles of dance and inspire movement and creativity.

    Dress Code - Leotard and tights. Pink leather ballet shoes and tan Mary Jane tap shoes. Please, no satin slippers!

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    Add to CartTwinkle Stars Dance211212-ATu07/10/18 - 08/14/1810:30A - 11:15ARecreation Center$57/$67Item Details
    Add to CartTwinkle Stars Dance211212-BTh07/12/18 - 08/16/18 5:00P - 5:45PRecreation Center$57/$67Item Details
    Add to CartTwinkle Stars Dance211212-CTh07/12/18 - 08/16/18 6:15P - 7:00PRecreation Center$57/$67Item Details

    211214 - Show Stars Hip Hop

    Show Stars Hip Hop provides a structured method of learning various Hip Hop dance movements in a fun filled and vibrant class environment. Dress Code: Jazz pants, tank tops, capris and shorts are acceptable. Clean sneakers.

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    Add to CartShow Stars Hip Hop211214-ATh07/12/18 - 08/16/18 7:00P - 7:30PRecreation Center$47/$57Item Details
    Add to CartShow Stars Hip Hop211214-BTh07/12/18 - 08/16/18 7:30P - 8:00PRecreation Center$47/$57Item Details

    211515 - Young Rembrandts

    Young Rembrandts teaches core art skills as well as core learning skills in a fun, educational and engaging curriculum. Discover your young artist's creativity, imagination and confidence.

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    Add to CartJr. Drawing211515-ATu-Th07/10/18 - 07/12/18 9:00A - 10:00ARecreation Center$63/$73Item Details
    Add to CartSummer Drawing Wkshp211515-BTu-Th07/10/18 - 07/12/1810:30A - 12:00PRecreation Center$87/$97Item Details
    Add to CartPastel Workshop211515-CTu-Th07/17/18 - 07/19/1810:00A - 11:30ARecreation Center$87/$97Item Details
    Add to CartFashion Runway211515-DTu-Th07/24/18 - 07/26/1810:00A - 11:30ARecreation Center$82/$92Item Details

    215100 - Challenger British Soccer Camp

    The #1 soccer camp in the USA and Canada is coming back to Macomb Township this summer. Challenger has become the best camp in North America by combining consistently high quality, age-specific soccer instruction, along with equally important elements of character, cultural and nutritional education. Campers will participate each day in the ever popular World Cup. Each player receives a FREE soccer ball, t-shirt, camp gift and camp evaluation. Come sharpen your skills with us this summer.

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    Add to CartChallenger Camp215100-AM-F07/23/18 - 07/27/18 9:00A - 10:00AMacomb Corners Park$85/$95Item Details
    Add to CartChallenger Camp215100-BM-F07/23/18 - 07/27/1810:10A - 11:40AMacomb Corners Park$99/$109Item Details
    Add to CartChallenger Camp215100-CM-F07/23/18 - 07/27/18 9:00A - 12:00PMacomb Corners Park$125/$135Item Details
    Add to CartChallenger Camp215100-DM-F07/23/18 - 07/27/18 1:00P - 4:00PMacomb Corners Park$125/$135Item Details
    Add to CartChallenger Camp215100-EM-F07/23/18 - 07/27/18 9:00A - 4:00PMacomb Corners Park$179/$189Item Details

    215101 - Eastside Lacrosse Youth Camp

    East Side Lacrosse is offering a 6-session summer lacrosse camp for boys and girls 8-15 years of age on Wednesday evenings this summer. No experience or equipment is required as the camp is geared towards new and beginning players. Parents are encouraged to purchase a lacrosse stick for their player to allow practice of what they've learned in between the sessions. Camp focus will be on introducing players to the game and preparing players for participation on a team. Instruction is provided by the East Side coaching staff, collegiate player alumni and local high school coaches and players. Parents are encouraged to watch their player participate at the camp sessions.

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    Add to CartEastside Lacrosse215101-AW06/13/18 - 07/25/18 5:30P - 6:30PMacomb TownCenter Pk$115/$125Item Details

    215103 - Volleyball

    All Skills Summer Camp (Grades 5th-8th)
    Designed to be an introduction to the sport of volleyball or appropriate for players looking to improve their skills, this camp will help prepare players for competitive play as they gain appropriate knowledge and experience. A focus on individual skill development will be emphasized along with offensive and defensive team strategies. Each camper will receive a t-shirt on the last day of camp.

    Co-ed Summer Beach Volleyball Clinic (Ages 10-14 and age 15+)
    This beginner volleyball clinic at Macomb Corners Park is a great start for kids to play beach volleyball. This 7 week clinic will teach kids the basic beach volleyball skills to play in the sand. Sign up as an individual and join us for a great time.

    Summer Beach Volleyball Clinic Girls Advanced (Ages 12-15)
    These 4 week advanced beach volleyball clinics will be led by former beach volleyball professional coach John Vestal. The clinic will focus on teaching girls how to play 2v2 beach volleyball and prepare them to play tournaments. This clinic is for the more experienced players and must have instructor approval to participate.

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    Add to CartAll Skills Summer215103-AM-F07/09/18 - 07/13/18 9:00A - 12:00PRecreation Center$100/$110Item Details
    Add to CartGirls Adv Vball215103-DTu06/05/18 - 06/26/18 6:00P - 8:00PMacomb Corners Park$70/$80Item Details
    Add to CartGirls Adv Vball215103-ETu07/10/18 - 07/31/18 6:00P - 8:00PMacomb Corners Park$70/$80Item Details

    215104 - Skyhawks Sports Academy Camps

    Skyhawks provides a wide variety of fun, safe and positive programs that emphasize critical lessons in sports and life, such as teamwork, respect and sportsmanship. Our programs are designed to give each child a positive introduction into sports while fostering a lifelong love for games and activities and to give each athlete a complete understanding and overview of the sport.

    Mini-Hawks Sports Camp (Ages 3-5):
    This multi-sport program gives children a positive first step into athletics. T-ball, basketball and soccer are taught in a safe and structured environment with lots of encouragement and a big focus on fun. The mini hawk games and activities were designed to allow campers to explore balance, movement, hand eye coordination and skill development at their own pace. Participants should bring appropriate clothing, footwear, water bottle, two snacks and sunscreen. Participants will receive a t-shirt, soccer ball and merit award.

    Multi-Sports & Games Camp (Ages 6-11):
    The Skyhawks Multi-Sport and Games program is a compilation of our favorite childhood recess and gym class activities. Participants will play Kickball, Capture the Flag, Dodge Ball, Frisbee Golf and Soccer. In addition to learning the proper techniques and rules of these sports and games, the children will be taught life lessons through sports. This will include the importance of Sportsmanship, Leadership and Respect for their opponents, coaches and officials. Participants should bring appropriate clothing, footwear, water bottle, two snacks and sunscreen. Participants will receive a t-shirt and merit award.

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    Add to CartMini-Hawks Sport215104-AM-F07/09/18 - 07/13/18 9:00A - 11:30ARecreation Center$129/$139Item Details
    Add to CartMini-Hawks Sport215104-BM-F08/06/18 - 08/10/18 9:00A - 11:30ARecreation Center$129/$139Item Details
    Add to CartMulti-Sports & Games215104-CM-F07/23/18 - 07/27/18 9:00A - 3:30PRecreation Center$189/$199Item Details

    215300 - Future Firefighters


    LOCATION: Macomb Township Fire Station #3, 47711 North Avenue, Macomb 48042 (just north of 21 Mile Rd.)

    Macomb Township Parks and Recreation, the Macomb Township Fire Department and the Macomb County Sheriff's Department are all teaming up for this exciting camp! Learn fire safety, bike safety, seat belt safety and more. There will be safety-related activities and crafts daily. Bring a sack lunch. On the last day of camp there will be a graduation ceremony from 10:30 am - 12:00 noon.

    All campers registered by Wednesday July 18th will receive a free t-shirt.

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    Read NoticeFuture Firefighters215300-BM-F07/30/18 - 08/03/18 9:00A - 12:00PMacomb Twp Fire #3$60/$70Item Details

    216001 - LTS Level 1

    5 - 12 yrs
    Participants will participate in activities which allow them to feel comfortable in the water and enjoy the water safely. Students will learn elementary aquatic skills such as breath control and underwater swimming, buoyancy, swimming on front and back and personal water safety. (Prerequisite: Participation in Swim Test offered M - F 6 - 9pm)

    There will be NO MAKE-UP classes or refunds for classes that participants are unable to attend.


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    Read NoticeLTS Level 1 - G216001-GSa06/16/18 - 08/18/18 8:30A - 9:00ARecreation Center$55/$65Item Details
    Read NoticeLTS Level 1 - H216001-HSa06/16/18 - 08/18/18 9:05A - 9:35ARecreation Center$55/$65Item Details
    Read NoticeLTS Level 1 - I216001-ISa06/16/18 - 08/18/18 9:40A - 10:10ARecreation Center$55/$65Item Details
    Read NoticeLTS Level 1 - J216001-JSa06/16/18 - 08/18/1810:15A - 10:45ARecreation Center$55/$65Item Details
    Read NoticeLTS Level 1 - K216001-KSa06/16/18 - 08/18/1810:50A - 11:20ARecreation Center$55/$65Item Details
    Read NoticeLTS Level 1 - L216001-LSu06/17/18 - 08/19/1810:10A - 10:40ARecreation Center$55/$65Item Details


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