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    111101 - Karate Kids

    The Karate Kids classes are led by 5th degree Black Belt instructor Master Keith Burke. Students learn the fundamentals of Isshinryu Karate. They mix traditional martial arts with fun activities designed to reinforce key principles while helping to improve balance, increase strength and enhance coordination. Through this popular program, which has helped hundreds of young people since 2002, students begin their journey in martial arts. They will develop greater self-discipline, self-control and self-confidence while learning valuable self-defense skills.

    The beginner program is offered in the fall to students new to karate.

    The intermediate/advanced program is for returning students only.

    The teen/black belt program is for returning students by special invitation only.

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    Add to CartKarate Kids Int/Adv111101-DVaries04/13/19 - 06/08/19VariesVaries$100/$110Item DetailsLocation Details
    Add to CartKarate Teen/Black Bt111101-EVaries04/13/19 - 06/08/19VariesVaries$100/$110Item DetailsLocation Details

    111106 - Tumble Stars

    Come and tumble with us and join our fun-filled program that uses gymnastics-based skills to build confidence, balance and strength. We use a collection of mats, games, music and fun activities for a great gym experience! Children should wear comfortable gym clothes and bare feet.

    Rising Stars Tumble (Ages 18 months-3 years) - Rising Stars is a caretaker and child participation class with tumbling, music and movement. Activities include tumbling, balance beam, bean bags, parachutes and more!

    Shooting Stars Tumble (Ages 3-5 years) - Shooting Stars is a tumbling-based class that includes a warm-up, basic tumbling skills and an obstacle course.

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    Read NoticeRising Stars111106-BTu03/12/19 - 04/23/19 9:30A - 10:00ARecreation Center$59/$69Item DetailsLocation Details

    111111 - Peachtree Tennis

    Classes held at:
    Peachtree Tennis Club
    37600 Little Mack Ave.
    Clinton Township, MI 48036

    Peachtree Junior Tennis Classes are designed and structured to help children find success from the very first swing. Peachtree Tennis Club has appropriately tailored instruction at each level to fit each player's age, size and ability. As players progress and complete a level of instruction, they have the opportunity to register and advance to the next appropriate level.

    Level 1: - First Bounce - Red Ball (Ages 5-8)
    For our youngest players, we focus on hand-eye coordination skills and stroke introduction. This class is fun for kids as they learn the basics to prepare for their first competitive play.

    Level 2: - Tweeners - Orange Ball (Ages 9-14)
    For the young player that is ready to develop technique but not yet ready for match play. This class will continue developing stroke skills while introducing serving and beginner match play. Players are challenged to maintain a rally with each other.

    Level 3: Future Stars - Green Ball (Ages 9-11)
    This level focuses on developing strokes, simulated match play, scoring rules and tennis etiquette. Full court tennis is introduced and utilized at this level of play.

    Level 4: Challengers - Yellow Ball (Ages 11-16)
    This level is designed for the intermediate teen looking to develop their skills on the court as a competitive player. Stroke development and match play situations will be the focus.

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    Add to CartFirst Bounce Tennis111111-BSa03/09/19 - 04/13/19 9:00A - 10:00AOther$90/$100Item DetailsLocation Details
    Add to CartTweeners Tennis111111-DSa03/09/19 - 04/13/1912:00P - 1:00POther$90/$100Item DetailsLocation Details
    Add to CartFuture Stars Tennis111111-FSa03/09/19 - 04/13/19 1:00P - 2:00POther$90/$100Item DetailsLocation Details
    Add to CartChallengers Tennis111111-HSa03/09/19 - 04/13/19 1:00P - 2:00POther$90/$100Item DetailsLocation Details

    111113 - KickStart!

    KickStart! is a developmental program for toddlers ages 18 months to 5 years old designed around the sport of soccer. Instructors will use an age specific curriculum to refine large motor skills at our youngest ages, graduating to full games for our older players. A great pre-cursor to any organized sport/activity.

    Pee-Wees (18-24 months): Toddlers and their parents work together playing a variety of organized games. A non-competitive environment has toddlers working at their own pace to meet the objective of each activity. Listening skills, balance and large motor skills are developed. Parental involvement is REQUIRED.

    Rookies (2 year olds): This Parent/Toddler class begins to introduce basic fundamentals, balance and motor skills required to manipulate a soccer ball using their feet. Parent involvement is REQUIRED.

    Pros (3 year olds): A faster paced class where the introduction of soccer skills becomes more prominent. Dribbling, scoring and some team play will be included with other soccer-related activities.

    All-Stars (4-5 year olds): Children will learn to work as a group as we introduce small-sided games (2x2, 3x3).

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    Add to CartKickStart! Pee-Wees111113-DSa03/09/19 - 04/13/19 9:15A - 10:00APremier Sports Ctr$85/$95Item DetailsLocation Details
    Add to CartKickStart! Rookies111113-GTu03/12/19 - 04/16/19 9:45A - 10:30APremier Sports Ctr$85/$95Item DetailsLocation Details
    Add to CartKickStart! Rookies111113-HSa03/09/19 - 04/13/1910:00A - 10:45APremier Sports Ctr$85/$95Item DetailsLocation Details


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