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    111106 - Tumble Stars

    Come and tumble with us and join our fun-filled program that uses gymnastics-based skills to build confidence, balance and strength. We use a collection of mats, games, music and fun activities for a great gym experience! Children should wear comfortable gym clothes and bare feet.

    Rising Stars Tumble (Ages 18 months-3 years) - Rising Stars is a caretaker and child participation class with tumbling, music and movement. Activities include tumbling, balance beam, bean bags, parachutes and more!

    Shooting Stars Tumble (Ages 3-5 years) - Shooting Stars is a tumbling-based class that includes a warm-up, basic tumbling skills and an obstacle course.

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    Add to CartRising Stars111106-CTu03/13/18 - 04/24/1810:00A - 10:30ARecreation Center$59/$69Item Details
    Add to CartRising Stars111106-DF03/16/18 - 04/27/1811:15A - 11:45ARecreation Center$59/$69Item Details
    Add to CartShooting Stars111106-GTu03/13/18 - 04/24/1810:30A - 11:00ARecreation Center$59/$69Item Details
    Add to CartShooting Stars111106-HF03/16/18 - 04/27/1811:45A - 12:15PRecreation Center$59/$69Item Details

    111113 - KickStart!

    KickStart! is a developmental program for toddlers ages 18 months to 5 years old designed around the sport of soccer. Instructors will use age specific curricula to refine large motor skills at our youngest ages, graduating to full games for our older players. A great pre-cursor to any organized sport/activity.

    Pee-Wees (18-24 months): Toddlers and their parents work together playing a variety of organized games. A non-competitive environment has toddlers working at their own pace to meet the objective of each activity. Listening skills, balance and large motor skills are developed. Parental involvement is REQUIRED.

    Rookies (2 year olds): This Parent/Toddler class begins to introduce basic fundamentals, balance and motor skills required to manipulate a soccer ball using their fee. Parent involvement is REQUIRED.

    Pros (3 year olds): A faster paced class where the introduction of soccer skills becomes more prominent. Dribbling, scoring, and some team-play will be included with other soccer related activities.

    All-Stars (4-5 year olds): Children will learn to work as a group as we introduce small-sided games (2x2, 3x3).

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    Add to CartKickStart! Pee-Wees111113-BTu03/06/18 - 04/17/18 9:30A - 10:15APremier Sports Ctr$75/$85Item Details
    Add to CartKickStart! Rookies111113-DTu03/06/18 - 04/17/1810:15A - 11:00APremier Sports Ctr$75/$85Item Details
    Add to CartKickStart! Pros111113-FTu03/06/18 - 04/17/1811:00A - 12:00PPremier Sports Ctr$85/$95Item Details
    Add to CartKickStart! All Stars111113-HTu03/06/18 - 04/17/1812:00P - 1:00PPremier Sports Ctr$85/$95Item Details

    111515 - Young Rembrandts

    Young Rembrandts teaches core art skills as well as core learning skills in a fun, educational and engaging curriculum. Discover your young artist's creativity, imagination and confidence.

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    Add to CartCartooning with YR111515-BM03/19/18 - 04/23/18 6:00P - 7:00PRecreation Center$83/$93Item Details

    144705 - TGA Golf for Kids

    TGA is bringing the golf course to the gym! It's a perfect way for your child to start the game, or for more experienced players to improve. All equipment is provided. Certified instructors teach swing fundamentals, rules, etiquette and life values as students advance through the program. (Grades K-6)

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    Add to CartTGA Golf for Kids144705-BSa04/14/18 - 05/19/1810:00A - 11:00ARecreation Center$119/$129Item Details

    144707 - Paint Party

    Join us at the Macomb Township Recreation Center for a season-themed paint class for ages 7 and up.

    Can Penguins make a Snowman or Snowguin? - It's winter and snowy so can you imagine a penguin making a snowman?? What would yours look like?? Come out to paint your idea with others on an 11 x 14 canvas and paints and of course snowflakes!! A $5.00 material fee is payable to the instructor on arrival.

    It's Raining It's Pouring Rain Drops - It's Spring and that means rain--but we are wearing a great pair of rain boots to keep our feet dry as we splash in puddles. How fancy are your rain boots? We will use 11 x 14 canvases and paints--maybe some glitter too? A $5.00 material fee is payable to the instructor on arrival.

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    Add to CartIt's Raining/Pouring144707-BSa03/17/18 - 03/17/18 1:30P - 3:30PRecreation Center$12/$17Item Details

    144709 - Follow My Lead

    This one day class is especially designed for your child to use their creative imagination while you follow their lead through the different activities. This confidence and bond building class gives you time to explore the following areas, guided by your child, of course: photo ops with props, canvas painting (these matching pieces will make a great display), dancing, copycat process art, matching jewelry, building and much more!! Perfect for grandparents, aunts, uncles and caregivers. Please be sure that each child has an adult to show off for. Each additional adult per child will be $10.00.

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    Read NoticeFollow My Lead144709-ASa02/17/18 - 02/17/18 9:00A - 11:00ARecreation Center$20/$25Item Details
    Read NoticeAddl Adult February144709-BSa02/17/18 - 02/17/18 9:00A - 11:00ARecreation Center$10Item Details
    Add to CartFollow My Lead144709-CSa03/17/18 - 03/17/18 9:00A - 11:00ARecreation Center$20/$25Item Details
    Add to CartAddl Adult March144709-DSa03/17/18 - 03/17/18 9:00A - 11:00ARecreation Center$10Item Details

    144710 - Homeschoolers

    All ages parent/child class

    Kids are free to explore and engage in any and all of the following areas: hands-on science, sensory play, dramatic play, process art and a community service project. At the end of each class we will hold a meeting of the minds to determine the next week's activities. During this time we will offer separate activities for the littles, 3 and under, for an additional $20 per sibling.

    A material fee of $10.00 is payable to the instructor on the first day of class.

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    Add to CartHomeschoolers/Un144710-CW03/14/18 - 04/11/18 1:00P - 2:30PRecreation Center$64/$74Item Details
    Add to CartHomesch Sibling144710-DW03/14/18 - 04/11/18 1:00P - 2:30PRecreation Center$20Item Details

    144711 - Travel Think Tank

    Tiny Tunes 11-24 Month Infant/Parent Class - Let's express ourselves through music and movement using instruments and props. This class develops: motor skills, body awareness, rhythm, language development, and so much more! Parent participation is required. We will hold an informal recital during the last class. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Don't forget your sillies!

    Tiny Tunes 2.0 Ages 2-3 Parent/Tot Class - Let's express ourselves through music and movement using costumes, instruments and props. This class develops motor skills, body awareness, rhythm, language development and so much more! Parent participation is encouraged. We will hold an informal recital during the last class. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring water. Don't forget your sillies!

    Silly Sensory and Science Ages 3-8 Parent/Child Class - During this course, little scientists and their special adult visit several stations where you can explore and learn together. Each of the stations will provide a brief explanation to help you through the experiment. Kids will receive their own lab coat, goggles and clipboard to conduct their experiments. A material fee of $10.00 is payable to the instructor on the first day of class.

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    Add to CartTiny Tunes 11-24144711-BW03/14/18 - 04/11/18 9:00A - 9:45ARecreation Center$50/$60Item Details
    Add to CartTiny Tunes 2-3144711-DW03/14/18 - 04/11/1810:00A - 10:45ARecreation Center$50/$60Item Details
    Add to CartSilly Sensory144711-FW03/14/18 - 04/11/18 6:30P - 7:30PRecreation Center$64/$74Item Details

    144712 - Child Watch Evening

    This is a pre-registration child care program. A minimum of 15 pre-registered participants are required to be enrolled to run this evening program.

    The Macomb Township Recreation Center offers child care services for children 9 months to 10 years of age whose parents are utilizing the Recreation Center. Parents must remain in the building while their children are in Child Watch. Activities for children include playing with toys, reading stories, coloring, basic arts and crafts projects, watching movies and putting together puzzles. This is a support service program and not a licensed child care program. Therefore, we are not obligated to follow the day care service codes set by the state. Hours may vary during holidays and school breaks; please call ahead during these times.

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    Add to CartChild Watch Evening144712-CM, W03/12/18 - 04/25/18 6:00P - 8:00PRecreation Center$30/$35Item Details
    Add to CartChild Watch Evening144712-DTu, Th03/13/18 - 04/26/18 6:00P - 8:45PRecreation Center$30/$35Item Details
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