Details for Karate Teen/Black Bt
111101-E (Youth)

Date Time Day
04/13/2019 11:30A to 12:30P Sat
04/20/2019 11:30A to 12:30P Sat
04/27/2019 11:30A to 12:30P Sat
05/04/2019 11:30A to 12:30P Sat
05/11/2019 11:30A to 12:30P Sat
05/18/2019 11:30A to 12:30P Sat
06/01/2019 11:30A to 12:30P Sat
06/08/2019 11:30A to 12:30P Sat
Ages: 6 years and Up
The Karate Kids classes are led by 5th degree Black Belt instructor Master Keith Burke. Students learn the fundamentals of Isshinryu Karate. They mix traditional martial arts with fun activities designed to reinforce key principles while helping to improve balance, increase strength and enhance coordination. Through this popular program, which has helped hundreds of young people since 2002, students begin their journey in martial arts. They will develop greater self-discipline, self-control and self-confidence while learning valuable self-defense skills.

The beginner program is offered in the fall to students new to karate.

The intermediate/advanced program is for returning students only.

The teen/black belt program is for returning students by special invitation only.

This class is for returning students only.